Dog Training

Feeling outnumbered? Sign up for our new multi dog household class! Drop by the store and ask for Barb to learn more about this innovative class we are offering at Passion 4 Pets.

Good Manners


Focused Attention Class

This innovative class provides the foundation of our obedience program. Build a positive relationship with your dog.  Teach your dog to pay attention to you, listen and follow in spite of life’s distractions. Duration 4 weeks. Cost: $140

Obedience Level I

For graduates of the Focused Attention class. Continue to develop focus on the handler and build obedience skills for life whether at home and out on the town. Learn how to read your dog’s body language, teach a solid leave it, confident stays and a reliable recall. Work on proper leash manners and use our fun obedience games to make sure your puppy is tired and happy at the end of the day. Duration 6 weeks. Cost: $175


Develop confidence, body awareness and increase your dog’s  fitness level. Suitable for dogs of all ages, this low impact class is designed to teach your dog body awareness and balance skills, how to match your energy and listen to your cues even when tempted. Duration 4 weeks. Cost: $140