Passion 4 Pets

From wet nose to waggy tail, Passion4Pets cares about your whole dog inside and out!  
Welcome to Passion for Pets!

Marlene & friend

Marlene Denommee, the owner of Passion 4 Pets, saw a need for a professional grooming service that acknowledges  the individual client and understands that all dogs are social beings.

Passion 4 Pets is founded on the four principles of good husbandry for our pet dogs. Expert grooming, positive training, personalized daycare & being part of a larger community.

We offer a professional grooming service, educational seminars, expert training classes and community outreach.

Passion 4 Pets is committed  to help you address your dog’s individual and social needs.

We are a truly independent family-run business.     Marlene Denommee

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